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Within the many years in the life time and past; a deep remembering & learning has occurred for our founder Merici. Through this remember she had an innate knowing that her purpose on earth was to serve others. Thus, Sacred Soul Embodhiment was birthed. Sacred Soul Embodhiment's mission is to truly guide our clients through the heaviness that comes with showing up for one's personal spiritual journey.


Our mission is to truly help our clients take radical self accountability and accept themselves wholly. Our mission is to be a safe space to move through it all with our different modalities offered. Whether it's wellness, energetics, introspection or embodiment, we want to show up with the pillars to guide you. 

About Merici


Hello! My name is Merici, Multipassionate Mystic Medicine Woman. My mission is to be the guiding post for my clients to dive deeply into themselves, to be the gatekeeper to guide them to the other side. To hold the space as you move through blockages, ancestral patterns, and heavy energy that we come here as humans to endure. My mission is to allow you to get rooted deep within, where we shall take a journey together.


Venturing into the unseen and sacred soft spots of their internal self. It's my deep mission to cultivate a safe space for them to be held, seen and witnessed. To allow you to see that the shadow aspects are just as beautiful as the light. To co-create together a place where nurturing and empowerment meet.

Fun Facts! 

  • If I could do all things naked and free, I would - I love to dance & music is a sacred space

  • I'm a secret adrenaline junky while simultaneously cherishing the slow moments in life the most

  • I live life by a “got to try everything once” mentality

Why work together? 

As I have moved through the seasons of life in my own journey I've cultivated experience and certificates along the way. As I've gone through my own medicine, shadow work, blessings and everything in between I have strengthened and nurtured my gifts. Through my own experiences I have chosen and strengthened myself and  I am now ready to share and offer my medicine. I have a huge threshold for holding space without judgment. I truly want to see myself and every other human make it to their promised land of feeling light, free and in the flow of the abundance this world has to offer.  To guide them to their freedom. To see themselves the way Source sees them.


I am here as the bridge and gatekeeper to aid them to see that they are WHOLE. My competitive advantages are that I have listened to what Source has put on my heart and been disciplined in putting the work in my own journey so I may share that medicine with others. I have no competition because together we lift each other up and together we rise.

Let’s Work Together


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