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Expressing and transforming  your inner truth into the embodhiment of your life journey


Hello! My name is Merici, Multipassionate Mystic Medicine Woman.

My mission is to be the guiding post for my clients to dive deeply into themselves, to be the gatekeeper to guide them to the other side. I hold the space as you move through blockages, ancestral patterns, and heavy energy that we come here as humans to endure.


My mission is to allow you to get rooted deep within so you can move through your life with strength and a deep understanding of self aka. embodhiment.


We shall take a journey together, venturing into the unseen and sacred soft spots of your internal self. It's my deep mission to cultivate a safe space for you to be held, seen and witnessed. To allow you to see that the shadow aspects are just as beautiful as the light.


To cocreate together a place where nurturing and empowerment meet. 

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Sacred Soul Embodhiment's (SSE) mission is to truly guide our clients through the heaviness that comes with showing up for one's personal spiritual journey. Our mission is to truly help our clients take radical self accountability and accept themselves wholly.


Our mission is to be a safe space to move through it all with our different modalities offered. Whether it's wellness, energetics, introspection or embodiment, we want to show up within these pillars to guide you. 


Offerings For You  To Explore

Indulge in radical self accountability and lead with acceptance to feel whole with our personalized offers. Find the one that best suits you in the options below, if you have any questions please email



Energetics with SSE provides an opportunity to cocreate sacred spaces, getting in touch with you and your energy. Sessions such as Energy Alignments, Oracle Readings and Prosperity Energy Healing we address scarcity blocks, guiding you toward abundance. Embrace a journey of profound inner work and alignment.


Wellness means personalized care inside and out. Our consultations guide you to optimal health and radiant skin. With vegan, cruelty-free products, we nurture your body and enhance your natural beauty, fostering overall well-being and confidence.


Embodhiment offers transformation focusing on emotional release and self-connection. We offer a personalized Energy Alignment with Mindful Movement and group Ceremonial Connection packages; enhance special occasions, foster meaningful connections through Reiki, Guided Energy Medicine, Channeling, and Sound Therapy.

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What our clients are saying

Helping me feel safe

“I think about our session all the time, it was so healing and special. It brought up pain for me but also joy and calmness, and I felt refreshed and strong. You do such an amazing job holding space for others and facilitating their energy/healing journey. You practice with gentleness and care and do a wonderful job of meeting your clients where they’re at and helping them feel safe.”

- Allison Lynn

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